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Swagging along, singin’ a song…

This is something authors both love and hate. Love because it gives us an opportunity to be creative. Like a narcissus flower on the river, watching its own reflection, we gaze at our images and sigh in happiness as we emblazon our brand on various pieces of promotional gifts designed for giveaways or Author meets.

We hate it because yes, of course it costs us money, even though well spent, and also —bigger issue—what the hell do you do that’s different from what everyone else is doing? I’ve done tee-shirts, mugs, pens, postcards, all the usual, and I’d love to find something a little different. I did do the whole Tenga Egg thing, that’s true, but at almost £10 an egg, it’s not something I can envisage me doing again soon. It’s damn expensive. My own branded condoms were fun but again, not cheap. Book charms on necklaces worked well, and aren’t too expensive if you get them from Etsy. I also bought two Kindle Fires when they were very well priced. One is in my cupboard, and I’m not too sure what to do with it, the other has been promised as a Grand Prize to the wonderful shiMMer event coming up in July.

 (Talking about shiMMer, if you haven’t pre-ordered my books yet for signing, DO IT NOW!! There’s a great prize up for grabs for one of the people who do, a positively pleasurable cornucopia of treasures. This will be drawn after the pre-order window closes on May 24th).

I think I still have a signed Alfredo Roagui 2016 calendar somewhere as well. That was ordered from him via Etsy and took a long time coming from Mexico. I could see the dust settling on the gulch, as I thirsted away, waiting for them to arrive…and some Men of London magnets. I bought the wrong size, and they ended up being big enough to fit as an advertising billboard on the side of your car door.

I did however come across a fabulous site doing a great range of promotional flash drives. To me, this is an item that always comes in handy in today’s digital world. I purchased these from them and I’m thrilled at the way they came out. They aren’t the traditional USB; they’re much more compact and easy to pop in a wallet. These little beauties will be coming with me to shiMMer as well.

I still have more swag to order, and I’ll be visiting ye olde faithful Vistaprint or Etsy for some economical ideas. I’m thinking pens, notepads, smaller fridge magnets this time, and mousepads.

What’s your favourite form of swag, as an author or a reader/blogger? And if you have any great suggestions for anything you might have done and where to get it, please feel free to leave it right here….