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Waiting For Rain

Here’s a wonderful review for Waiting for Rain from Gay List Book Reviews. Beans seems to have really enjoyed it and of course – the pole dancing scenes 🙂


WaitingForRainTitle:  Waiting For Rain

Author:  Susan Mac Nicol

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Length:  280 pages

Rating:  B List

Quad Shot of Love Quad Shot of Love

Blurb:  The village of Stamford, the quintessential chocolate box English scene, seemed an impossible dream for foster kid Toby Prentiss. Now he’s found a home among the haystacks and village fairs as the general manager for the Duck and Drake Hotel. With the fears and demons from his youth hidden away in this bucolic oasis, he’s very protective of who he lets in. Until he stumbles across shirtless carpenter Rain Engel building the hotel’s new custom-designed bar.

Working in the countryside, Rain prepared to face his biggest fear: sheep. He didn’t expect to deal with his second biggest fear: commitment. Toby’s controlled tough guy façade coupled with his “find happiness where you can” optimism calls to Rain like nothing before. While Rain may…

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Saving Talliston -Escape the Ordinary. Become Extraordinary.

I have the privilege of being part of something called the Talliston Writer’s Circle. It’s run out of a house in Great Dunmow which is, surprisingly enough, called Talliston. I’ve been there just under two years now and every minute spent at this unique venue has been a pleasure and an inspiration. My good friend John Trevillian, together with his partner Marcus Cotton, have spent the best part of twenty years transforming this simple, three bed roomed, semi-detached house into the incredible and unique place it is today. The website is below and I strongly suggest you take a look. It’s breath taking and simply out of this world.Talliston 3

Here are just a few pictures to show the beauty and majesty of the place. You can see more on the website.gilesg-the-watchtower-sofassmall


Talliston Pinterest

We have had our writer’s meetings here, spent numerous wonderful evenings at themed supper club events, socialised and drunk coffee and tea whilst having a chat and just generally delighted in the company of good friends.

And now this wonderful venue needs help. I’m not going into details but you can listen to the story here. The house is in trouble and I would like to do everything I can to help them save this timeless and precious house.

Saving Talliston Dunmow Broadcast

The project is also detailed on the Talliston website, link above. There is currently an Indigogo project to try raise the necessary funds to complete the project. The link is below should you feel you wish to contribute.

saving talliston

Saving Talliston Indigogo Project

I’m not the only person trying to save this house. My fellow writers Duncan Swallow and Michelle Garrett are also passionate about the venue and you can read their blog posts here.

Duncan Swallow

Michelle Garrett

Even the newspapers have got involved….they see the solace and perfection of this place as we do.

News article








We have people from all walks of life getting involved. Philip Carr-Gomm is a writer and psychologist. He trained with Ross Nichols, the founder of the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids, and has been leading the Order for over twenty years. He too supports this project.

I ask you all to take a look at this wonderful place and I dare you not to want to save something that is so magical and special. Even if you don’t feel you wish to contribute money-wise, then please share this message and get the word out. That will count as a lovely gesture towards saving this remarkable place. Thanks for reading this blog post and I hope you feel inspired enough to do something to help.

thank you 1






Head on down to Barb’s wonderful blog ‘Live your Life, Buy the Book’ and read a short character interview with Nick and Owen from my new release ‘Worth Keeping’ due out on the 23rd December. And while you’re down there, have a gingerbread cookie and a glass of mulled wine to hand. Part of the sales proceeds for this book are being donated to the NSPCC – the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. It’s a great cause and they do a lot of good for abandoned, abused and neglected children all over the UK.
And have a very Merry Christmas all!

Live Your Life, Buy The Book

LYLBTB are delighted to welcome Sue Mac Nicol. Sue’s two books Stripped Bare and Saving Alexander have been massive hits this year; and she is here to share a character interview from her new book out in December. Thanks for stopping by Sue! Now let’s get to know these boys…

A Character Interview Worth Keeping

Interview with Nick Mathers and Owen Butler from ‘Worth Keeping’ Release date 23rd December. The interviewer is a young lady called Carla from ‘Keep it in the News’ magazine.

Carla: Hey chaps, good to have you here with me on this cold, misty English evening. I see you’re all fortified with the mulled wine and gingerbread reindeer, Owen..

Owen: *nodding*-Uh huh. I have a bit of a thing for gingerbread men. When I was kid I used to consume them slowly, one bit at a time *grins slyly at Nick who gives a long…

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LYLBTB Advent Event 2013 : Sue Mac Nicol

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Talk to me!

Patrick Darcy has a point of view shared by many. What the hell has happened to the art to conversation, of wooing a man with clever words, of making him feel sought after so at least when the kit does come off he feels a little as if there was a little verbal foreplay. Are we doomed to a generation where people have forgotten how to talk to each other, especially when it comes to getting jiggy with it….
Your thoughts, ladies and gents? Are you a conversationalist, a texter, a dumb struck ass in the flesh, an app geek or do you really pursue that booty call with vigour and passion…Speak now or for ever hold your peace…

Patrick Darcy


Damn it! Am I so old fashioned?

Am I asking for too much?

When did this all come to pass?

Why the hell can’t we do this anymore?

Yes, I’m ranting!

It should be as easy as sticking a dick in a hole.

We are Irish after all.

All I want is a bit of banter.

Real banter.

Not just tapping away at a computer.

But what seems so easy online, is dead in person.

Guys are obsessed with using apps to arrange hook-ups.

Which is fine.

But how about a bit of craic before we get down to it?

Sadly all that online bravado seems to disappear in the flesh.

Guys just seem to be losing the ability to chat and flirt.

It’s worse with the younger guys.

They’ve grown up in the era of Grindr and Gaydar.

Poor things.

They’re  feckin useless.


Imagine a world in which…

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Excerpt for Abi …..she knows who she is :)

Waiting for Rain – Dreamspinners – Feb 2014
Quick intro – Rain has arrived at the Duck and Drake Hotel in Stamford with his friend Lucas.He’s about to begin work on a custom built bar for the hotel.

“Hi, Tammy. My name is Rain Engel and I’m here to start moving my gear into the Canterbury Bar Room. Is it okay if I go ahead? I know where it is.”
“Oh, Mr. Engel. Yes, we’ve been expecting you. Mr. Winslake said you’d be by.” Her eyes batted at me, and there was a sexy smile on her face. I smiled inwardly.
Sorry, sweetheart, I don’t bat for your team. But you are cute. Now my friend here on the other hand is definitely the right man for you….
“Please go ahead and do what you have to. I assume you know where the tradesman entrance is?”
I nodded. Nothing like coming in via the tradesman entrance. Made me feel all warm and fuzzy.
“If you need anything at all, let me know.” She batted her eyelashes again at me and I grinned. Lucas chuckled beside me but I ignored him. “I’ll do that. Thanks.”
We walked down the long corridor, through a set of double doors – more cherry wood from the look of them – down past a lounge that looked like it belonged in an exclusive man’s club, then a large library which was filled wall to wall with books. It looked incredible, like a bibliophile’s wet dream. I stopped to peer in and heard Lucas’ knowing sigh at my side.
“Rain, if you go in there, we’ll never see you again. Come on, let’s start getting the gear out.” He scowled. “And can you just leave the straight ladies to me? Christ, it’s no fun going anywhere with you. You give off sex pheromones like nobody’s business, man or woman.”
I raised my eyebrows at that comment and he blushed. “You know what I mean. I don’t mean I’m affected by them, it’s just-“ I was laughing now at his discomfort and he scowled. “Fuck off.”

He almost pushed me into the large room at the end of the corridor which spanned the whole end of the wing. The room itself was just over a hundred square metres, measuring about twelve by nine. It was a comfortable, intimate venue to put a bar. I felt the usual avaricious thrill as I surveyed the area that was at my mercy. I’d noticed the service entrance not too far away. The room was perfectly positioned to come and go without disturbing what I imagined were the privileged residents of this rather luxurious hotel too much. I thought drily that Simon Winslake had probably planned the whole thing to a tee. He struck me as a man that left nothing to chance.

The next couple of hours were spent dragging equipment from the van into the bar room. Lucas and I were sweating like the condensation on an ice cold Coke by the time we’d finished. I’d just finished straining to put down a particularly big saw blade. As I let it drop to the floor, there was a loud ripping sound and I felt a cool breeze where no breeze should blow. Lucas broke into peals of laughter as he pointed at my back.
“Fuck, Rain, you’re showing your skin, mate. Your bloody shirt has just ripped in two right down the middle!” His hilarity was not only off putting it was also really not on. I was standing in the middle of a swanky hotel with a shirt on my back that was ripped in half, flapping like wings on my back.
“Christ, what do I do now?” This denim shirt had definitely had its day. “I don’t have anything else to bloody change into.” I looked at Lucas in dismay. He was laughing so hard now the tears fell down his ruddy cheeks. I was going to get no help from him.
I growled at him. “I suppose I’d better see if I can find the manager or someone and see if they have a lost property section. Maybe they can loan me a shirt or it’ll mean driving home to go get one. I don’t fancy that much.”
I walked to the door and down the corridor, shrugging my shirt off as I did so. I rolled it up into a ball, about to throw it in a rubbish cart in the corridor on my way to the reception when I heard a soft cough behind me. I turned to find a man about my age staring at me. His right eyebrow was raised questioningly and his face was very polite. He was well dressed, in a suit and tie, his mid length dark blonde hair artfully mussed and gelled. He was lean and wiry and very bloody sexy. My groin twitched in interest. I gazed at him and he gazed back warily
“Sir, we don’t generally allow people to wander around the hotel shirtless. It’s hotel policy. May I ask what’s wrong?” His voice was quite deep, a mix of Cambridge posh and something else. I scowled.
“I don’t usually make a habit of walking around half naked. Not in public in hotels anyway.” The other man’s eyes narrowed slightly and his nostrils flared as I continued.
“I can assure you that if I had a choice, I’d still be wearing a shirt. It ripped in half so it was no bloody good to man or beast. I was going to ask the management staff if they had an overall or something I could put on. Maybe something from lost property- I assume you have one of those?” I raised an enquiring eyebrow at him. He licked his lips. He had very nice ones, I noticed distractedly. Full and pouty, definitely good for kissing.
Christ, Rain, get a grip, man! Stop ogling the staff. I was twenty eight years old but I was acting like an adolescent kid.
“I see.” He moved forward and extended a hand. “Toby Prentiss. I’m the General Manager here. I’m sure we can find you something to wear, Mr?” He raised his eyebrows again, looking very alluring and I gave a mental groan.
It had definitely been too long since I’d gotten laid.
“Rain Engel. I’m here to build the new bar you guys ordered.” I shook his hand. An electric current run through my palm as he shook it. He pulled his hand away quickly. He tried hard not to stare but his gaze seemed hypnotically drawn to my hairy, bare chest. I suppressed a grin. This could be fun. I felt the thrill of the chase. My instincts at spotting other gay men were normally spot on.
“Rain? That’s an unusual name.” He swallowed as I moved a little closer to him. I wanted to test my theory.
“It’s a long story. My name is Reinhardt, it was shortened to Rhine mostly. But my last boyfriend didn’t like it. He said it was too Germanic. So he called me Rain and the name stuck. ”
I knew I smelt rank but his pupils dilated slightly. He nodded. He’d definitely noticed the word ‘boyfriend’.
“You have a slight accent too. Where’s that from?”
I moved a little closer, watching his lips. He seemed mesmerised by my slow dance forward. “South Africa. I was born in Durban then moved over here when I was ten. Eighteen years ago. I never seem to have lost some of the accent though.” I cocked my head at him. “Are we done with the inquisition? I’m getting a little cold.” I looked down pointedly at my nipples which were indeed hardening- but not from the cold. He cleared his throat as his eyes were drawn them and his pale cheeks grew rosy. He looked absolutely fucking adorable. I felt the stirring in my groin and smiled slightly.
Chalk one up to me.