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What’s your name and what genre would you consider your books to be?

I’m Susan Mac Nicol and I guess you’d say I write in the MM Romance genre. I write MF Romance too, but MM is my passion and probably where I’ll continue to expend most of my energy.

Tell me about your book. How did you come up with that (story, angle, idea)?

The book I’m interested in getting the word out about is called Not So Secret Santa. It’s being released on December 6th and is a spin off from one of the books in my Men of London series, called Suit Yourself (book #3). It’s about sassy fashion diva Leslie Scott, who’s planning on proposing to his boyfriend of three years, Oliver Brown. Oliver is also former adult entertainment actor Nicky Starr, and he has his own website

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‘Sight Unseen’ by Susan Mac Nicol #LGBT #Review #Romance

Source: ‘Sight Unseen’ by Susan Mac Nicol #LGBT #Review #Romance


Wow. I’m floored myself, it’s not just the reviewer. What a fabulous review, really insightful and so heartening  to see. I’m so thankful someone appreciated this story like they did, and the efforts that went into it. I can’t claim all the credit on the fact this was a book set in the US and needed to be carefully researched in terms of the speech, slang,  geography etc. My wonderful writing partner, Nicola Downs, himself an LA resident, was a goldmine on this one. As was my brilliant editor, Michelle Klayman, who’s also a Cali gal. So thanks needs to go to them both for me getting this right. And my friend Lynsey – my teacher in all things blind – had s lot to do with the research, as well as me spending hours watching videos, reading articles and blog posts and talking to people in the blind community. I’m glad it worked. My job is done. I love this result.

What am I up to right now?

I thought it was about time I did an update on what’s going on in my life right now. You might not give a fig (LOL) but it’s nice to get it out there anyway. I’m told authors need to keep their profile fresh and ‘vibey’ so maybe this will help rekindle the love for my books and make me that million I’ve always wanted.

First on my list of bucket things to do was my recent trip to LA to meet my publisher, Boroughs Publishing Group, and writing partner, actor Nicholas Downs. I’m not going to say too much about it here because you can read all about here

Suffice it to say it was the best trip of my life and I intend having more of them. Hence the need to make that million.

I came away from that adventure with contracts for six books from now until the end of 2018. I hope to get back to publishing a new book every 3-4 months. I’ve slacked off with writing due to other pressures I’d had but now’s the time to pull up my big girl pants, stope eating and sleeping, forget I have a family and a day job, and get those words written.

Those books are the ninth Men of London book, ‘Survival Games’ featuring Kyle Tripper, Vegas croupier and nightclub manager, and Eric Kirby, paramedic, from Hard Climate. It’s the story of two survivors -one of spousal abuse, the other of losing a lover he couldn’t save.

Then there’s the eagerly anticipated ‘Living on Air’ (oh, is that just me? Right then…) This is a stand -alone novel depicting a psychotic paedophile priest (try saying that three times quickly), an abused youth turned man who finds solace in self-harming, and hides away as an aerialist in a circus, and a world-weary war photographer who wants to find the beauty in life again instead of cruelty and death. Bring these last two together and it’s a little like the witches’ boiling pot in Macbeth-

‘Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.’ Sparks will fly, blood will spill, emotions will run at fever point – oh and did I mention there’s clowns? Sorry to all you coulrophobics out there. I can give you some solace though -it isn’t IT.

Lastly for now, I’m writing a new spin off series from the Men of London book, ‘Feat of Clay’ featuring Clay Mortimer, former SAS operative, and Tate Williams, undercover DEA cop. Personally, I think this was one of my most under rated books. I adore this cover out of all my MOL covers, and the fact this was a story based on an existing relationship made it special to me. The chaps are coming back in a new series called Fetish Alley. It’s going to be sassy, funny, tongue in cheek madness with a mystery spin and of course, two hot men and their relationship. And yes, the word ‘fetish’ is exactly what it means. But you’ll have to stick around to find exactly what it’s all about. Tate’s education in weird is about to get very intense.

I’m also toying with the idea of a short Leslie and Oliver story, if I can stop breathing long enough to write it. (My take on this is that I’ve given up everything else and this is all I have left.) I want to write about Leslie and his new corset range with Debussy Fashion and how he makes Oliver his muse and model. Imagine Oliver in a corset and high heels. Teamed with the feisty Leslie, this would be one spectacular sight.

I’ve also been extremely busy with Divine Magazine well. Being Editorial Manager is a lot of hard work. I can say though that I‘ve been privileged to meet, speak to and interview some wonderful people like David Booher, whom I had the pleasure of having dinner with in LA,  and Scott McGlynn, who has the most lovely Welsh accent. I’m also talking to Guillaume Sanchez who’s a fascinating character. All of these interviews will be featured soon.

As for The Being Me Campaign, of which I’m a Board Trustee, we’ve been busy behind the scenes building up what’s needed for 2017. I’m co-ordinating a wonderful charity anthology with Louis Harris from CoolDudes Publishing where sales of this book will benefit the charity. My story, ‘Strawberry Kisses’ has been submitted. I’d like to thank all the authors who are working with us on this for contributing their time and effort to help out the charity.

Jack L Pyke                          Heather C Leigh

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Louisa Mae                          Jennifer Slusher

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Susan Mac Nicol                Rhys Christoper Ethan

Melissa Costa                     Alex Jane

Sherri Jordan Asble         Lane Swift

Heather C Leigh                Dilo Keith

On a non-writing note, I’m off to South Africa with my husband and daughter to see family from 1-14th May. I’ll be in Cape Town and the West Cape so it’s going to be epic. Sun, sea, sand, wine, beer and family.

I’m at shiMMer in July, Brighton Pride in August, going to Dublin with a friend in September and hopefully then the travelling stops for a bit.

And I think I’ve said enough. I will leave you with this picture……I’m sure you’ll fit right in.


I’m tired of being generalised about…

I might ruffle a few feathers with this one. But I’ve had enough. This is intended as a post of respect for both you and for me, so please treat it as such. No disrespect is intended towards anyone, I think I kept this fairly heartfelt.

Certain members of the LGBT community- I implore you – please don’t lump ‘M/M authors’ into one category. I have great respect for what you are all saying and agree with you 100% – but I get twitchy when M/M romance writers seem to be in danger of being demonised as a whole by the recent KA debacle. Generalising – as you well know- is dangerous. Since this whole fiasco, I’ve seen a lot of off colour comments from people about ‘straight women writing M/M romance’ (not gay or queer romance because apparently we don’t get to call it that -although I prefer those terms myself) , loads of blog posts about M/M authors only being in it for the money, (believe me I don’t make that much- I do it because I enjoy it) how  some of us have street teams who bully everyone else into agreeing with us (yes some do) and how being an ‘ally’ doesn’t really mean much to some in the community ‘because allies haven’t experienced what we have’. I agree with you on that one wholeheartedly. We don’t get to play in your sandbox simply because we write about gay men falling in love. However, I don’t use the word ‘ally’ when it comes to my support of the LGBT community. I use the word ‘human being’. Because that’s what I am and I have a sense of justice and fairness that plays out in many ways. That’s it. I’m not here to make a big name as an ‘ally’, or preen in my rainbow feathers because I move around in this community, which I adore by the way. I’m not here to grandstand, or marginalise anything the community does in its ever-constant battle to stay safe and be allowed acceptance, and to live life like any other member of the human race. I’m here to support where I can, help, learn – and educate myself every day. I share posts I think are valid, tweet things I think need saying, post things I think are important to say. I want people to know where I stand in this struggle of yours and in fairness, I think about that there can be no doubt. My daughter is bisexual so I do actually have some personal standing in this, I assure you.

It hurts my soul to see that whatever support I feel I’m giving is not worth it out there and being under-mined by unthinking, even if well-meant, comments by certain individuals. Please think twice before you make a blanket statement about people who have nothing but admiration and affection for you and only wish to do what’s right. And honestly – like you, I shouldn’t feel I have to defend the M/M author community. (This is purely my view, no other M/M authors were consulted in this post) Because we have a community too and in general, it’s a damn good one, full of people who care and who try to support and do good. It’s not all arseholes who blatantly don’t.

Thanks for listening to me. ♥♥