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Love and Punishment is now on Audible!

It’s ALIVE!  Finally I can say the Audible audiobook is here. This is a challenging read with themes of torture, grisly murders, and retribution. You have been warned…..

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Audible UK

Audible US

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Anthony stood in the cold early morning darkness of Valentine’s Day and looked down at the body sprawled before his feet. He pulled his windbreaker closer around his body as he shivered, both with cold and disgust. The woman lying before him, eyes open, and mostly naked, having only a pair of bloody blue silk panties on, had dark red hair which was spread across the cold ground like dying flames. Her lower jaw was smashed and bloody, her hands bound in front of her with thin blue rope and her ankles tied. Around her neck, soaked in dry crusting blood, was tied a flamboyant black-and-white silk bow tie. In the distance he saw his partner, Sergeant Rupert Gregg, interviewing some of the crowd around the scene.

I hope you enjoy the audio book and David C Dawson’s amazing narration. He did such wonderful job on the book. Let me know which character you enjoyed hearing the most…

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