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Love and Punishment is now on Audible!

It’s ALIVE!  Finally I can say the Audible audiobook is here. This is a challenging read with themes of torture, grisly murders, and retribution. You have been warned…..

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Audible UK

Audible US

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Anthony stood in the cold early morning darkness of Valentine’s Day and looked down at the body sprawled before his feet. He pulled his windbreaker closer around his body as he shivered, both with cold and disgust. The woman lying before him, eyes open, and mostly naked, having only a pair of bloody blue silk panties on, had dark red hair which was spread across the cold ground like dying flames. Her lower jaw was smashed and bloody, her hands bound in front of her with thin blue rope and her ankles tied. Around her neck, soaked in dry crusting blood, was tied a flamboyant black-and-white silk bow tie. In the distance he saw his partner, Sergeant Rupert Gregg, interviewing some of the crowd around the scene.

I hope you enjoy the audio book and David C Dawson’s amazing narration. He did such wonderful job on the book. Let me know which character you enjoyed hearing the most…

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It’s Boroughs’ 10th Anniversary!

My wonderful publisher Boroughs Publishing Group is 10 years old this October. I’ve been publishing with them since 2012, back when they were a small, newly established organisation with a half dozen authors and less than 10 books. The company has grown in stature and now boasts over 140 authors and over 400 books on their site. So this, our tenth year anniversary, is something truly special and I’d like to tell you a bit about what you can expect.

Some of my fellow Boroughs authors participating with me –

M Tasia Author, David C Dawson, Diane Benefiel, Joan Bird, Brooklyn Ann, Jennifer Peer, Michael Buzzelli , Emily W Mims, Amber Vogel, Clyve Rose, LP Maxa, Maggie Mooha, Michele James, Kitty Bardot, Allen Johnson, and K.d. Van Brunt

Our holiday Boroughs Giveaway Calendar – every author gets a day to give something away. Some of our great ideas are: 10 minutes Zoom Q&A with the author; Boroughs taking pitches; and of course, signed books and swag. There’s some amazing stuff coming your way, I promise.

We’ll be having a Boroughs Black Friday Madness day on 26 November – Special BOGO from the Boroughs website. And our goal is that 25% of Boroughs’ proceeds will go to a charity attenuated to homelessness as this can be a tough time of year for a lot of people. If you’d like to watch a truly moving and gut wrenching video, watch this one from one of my favourite groups, Five Finger Death Punch. It truly hits home.

We’ll all be doing some newsletter swaps as well, with our own giveaways, so again, something to look forward to.

There’ll also be a festive feature with content such as Halloween traditions such as trips to the pumpkin patch, Thanksgiving holiday recipes, seasonal traditions like cutting down a Christmas tree, the beautiful rituals of Hanukah and pictures of special decorations and personal stories about family and the fun of the holidays.

I’ll be sharing some recipes with you on 26th November – Melk Tert (a delicious South African custard pie dish) and a quick and easy Yorkshire Pudding mix for you on December 27th. After all the eating you’ll be doing over Christmas and Boxing Day, something light and fluffy will be truly appreciated.

I’ll also be sharing some of my personal Autumnal favourites – pictures and stories – from 25th to 28th October, so keep an eye out on my social media. All the links are here on my website. In this event, I’ll be giving away two back list e-books and a $5 Amazon gift voucher.

I look forward to seeing you around!

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The Bookfest 2021

Join Lisa Morton, Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, Andy Ross, Katharine Sands, Lori H. Schwartz, Mark K. Shriver, Helene Wecker
And so many more at The BookFest® Fall 2021, October 23rd and 24th

The BookFest announces the schedule for the 4th biannual online bookish adventure with Panel Discussions, Conversations, Live Author Chats, and live interactive pitching and critique panels with literary professionals, writers and experts. 

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, PhD.

Mark K. Shriver

Lori H. Schwartz

Helene Wecker

Andy Ross

Useni Eugene Perkins
The Saturday, October 23rd, 2021, live stream programming is dedicated to readers. The programming includes:(All times listed in Pacific Time)
9:00am – Welcome Message
9:15am – Opening Keynote by Lori H. Schwartz, What’s Your Tech Story? Forget About Killer Robots, How Storytellers Can Embrace the Tech in Our Lives
9:45am – Poetry Reading by Debbie Monteggia
10:00am – A Conversation with Mark K. Shriver – Being an Author and Being of Service
11:00am – Kid Lit: Culture, Character and Creativity
Noon – Who Put the Bomp in Your Favorite Romance Novel?
1:00pm – Thrills, Chills and Red Herrings – Things that Make You Go “Ooo”
2:00pm – The Fantasist’s Forge and Mythologist’s Muse
3:00pm – A Conversation with Helene Wecker – Blending Fantasy, Mythology, Romance and Horror
4:00pm to 6:00pm – Live Author Chats Hosted by Scott Ryan and Anastasia Washington 
The Sunday, October 24, 2021, programming is geared toward writers. The programming includes:(All times listed in Pacific Time)
8:30am – Keynote by Kristie Anne Mah, From Sluggish to Published: Letting Go of What is Holding You Back
9:00am – A Conversation with Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein – Dreaming a World Where Everyone Experiences the Wonders of the Universe
10:00am – Books Out of Africa: Bookish World Tour Panel
11:00am – Alternative Ways to Publish: Hybrid, Self-Publishing and More
Noon – Do You Have the Write Stuff? A Frank Discussion about Being an Author Today
1:00pm – A Conversation with Lisa Morton: Thirty Years of Fear
2:00pm – Critiki-Bar: Page One Manuscript Critiques (An agent and an author walk into a bar…)
4:00pm – Brave New Writer at The BookFest Adventure
Plus, throughout The BookFest, there will be special segments, including:
BookTok Talk with Dani Lopez and Jessica MclennanCooking Up Something for the Season with Chef and Author David RuggerioHow to Organize Your Bookshelf with Nic NelsonHow to Write a Query Letter with Steven HutsonLittle Lion presents health, wellness, and mindfulness sessionsTodd Debreceni, author of Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen, creates a famous literary character with special effects makeupTell the Truth or Not with Dr. Raye Mitchell and Cindy BrownYour Book Proposal Dos and Don’ts with Paul Levine

Kristie Anne Mah

Dr. Edward Bynum

Kathleen Kaiser

Jim Azevedo

Lisa Morton

April Eberhardt
BookFest Fall 2021 features an array of authors and literary leaders, including: Elaine Ash; Jim Azevedo; William Bernhardt; Sharon Buchbinder; Whitney Davis; April Eberhardt; Dr. Edward Bynum; M.J. Fievre; Alexia Gordon; Dames Handsome; Deborah Herman; Laurel Anne Hill; Angela Shanté Johnson; David Konrad; CJ Ives Lopez; Susan Mac Nicol; Kristie Anne Mah; John Palisano; Useni Perkins; Al Pessin; Clyve Rose and many, many more.
Attendees can visit the Speakers Page on The BookFest website to see all the participants and to find out more about each.
See List of BookFest Programming
Enter the Pitching Room at The BookFest Adventure
A Brand New Platform for Writers Ready to Pitch Their Manuscripts
If you’re ready to pitch your fiction or non-fiction manuscript to agents and publishing decision-makers, then enter the Pitching Room at The BookFest Adventure. It is a database that matches authors with agents, like a dating app, but for manuscripts. Upload your pitch materials so agents and publishing decision-makers can check them out.
I Am Ready to Pitch My Manuscript
Plus, there are two special add-ons. You can add that you’d like to be considered for Brave New Writer and/or Critiki-Bar. These live interactive panels happen on Sunday Oct 24th (note the correct date and time) during The BookFest Fall 2021.
As members of The BookFest Community, you are offered special introductory pricing you may take advantage of right away.
Take the Stage at The BookFest with Brave New Writer
The BookFest introduces Brave New Writer. This interactive agent panel will feature select authors with outstanding pitches to take the virtual stage and pitch before a panel of agents.
It’s like Shark Tank, but for writers.
To be considered, add on Brave New Writer when you submit your pitch in the Pitching Room.
Sign Up for Manuscript Pitching
Brave New Writer is brought to you in part with our friends at Roadmap Authors. They will present a special pitching virtual training session for selected Brave New Writers prior to the live event.
Take a Seat at the Critiki-Bar at The BookFest Adventure

David L. RobbinsNew York Times bestselling author, creative writing professor, founder of James River Writers and The Mighty Pen Project, and co-founder of the Podium Foundation.
Katharine Sands, Literary agent representing fiction, non-fiction and memoir. Agent provocateur of Making the Perfect Pitch: How to Catch a Literary Agent’s Eye, a collection of pitching wisdom from leading literary agents.

Would you like your first page critiqued? Then add on to be considered for Critiki-Bar with David L. Robbins and Katharine Sands.
Critiki-Bar features a two-sided assessment from both the business and the craft side of writing — served with wit, insight, experience, and punch.
Have a seat while this highly regarded literary agent and a New York Times bestselling author discuss — and debate — aspects of creating a skillfully told story and navigating the professional side of publishing by dissecting that oh-so-important first page.
Do you want your first page to be considered for Critiki-Bar? Then add on Critiki-Bar when you submit your pitch in the pitching room.
Click to Sign Up for Manuscript Pitching
Not a writer, but you want to check out the action? Would you like to see the pitches? Find them in The BookFest Pitching Room. And join us for Brave New Writer and Critiki-Bar at The BookFest Adventure.
Visit The BookFest Pitching Room
Enter to Win The BookFest Big Bundle of Books
Celebrate The BookFest with us and enter for your chance to win ALL these books and prizes.
There is no other way to enjoy the cool fall weather than curling up with a good book, cozy socks and a warm mug of coffee. Enter to win this HUGE book giveaway with 15 books and prizes. There’s something for every reader, whether you’re a mystery reader or romance lover, fiction or nonfiction fan, looking for books for yourself or your kids, this giveaway includes books for all readers. 
Enter to Win the Big Bundle of Books
The BookFest is presented by Bookstagrammers and Books That Make You. It is produced by Black Château Enterprises.
Visit The BookFest Website
Read the Press Release

Show your support by subscribing to the Books That Make You YouTube Channel and check out past videos from The BookFest.
Subscribe to the YouTube Channel

You can also join the Facebook Group and follow us on social media.Please feel free to share the links on your website, social media, newsletter, and more. Use hashtags: #TheBookFest #TheBookFestFall2021
Join The BookFest Adventure Facebook Group

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Boo!! Are you ready for the scary season?

Halloween background with spooky house against a moonlit sky and bats
I was asked recently who I’d invite to a Halloween party if I could invite anyone in the world that I wanted. I gave it a bit of thought and came up with this list.

Stephen King – horror writer. I love his writing, his characters and the fact he lives in Maine. This is one place I’ve always wanted to visit in the US so if I invite him to my party, his innate politeness will dictate he feels obliged to invite me to his place. As long as he pays the bill to get me over there of course. His house looks so spooky and I’d love to sit and shoot the breeze with the man.

I’d insist that Stephen brings Pennywise with him. The clown from IT has to be one of the scariest dudes ever. I have two reasons for inviting this rather malevolent entity to my party. One is that he will scare the crap out of the neighbourhood kids and I rather like that idea. As an aside, I think I have this deep rooted desire to feed on people’s fear -a little like old Penny himself. Not to mention the fact that my twenty eight year old daughter has a bit of a phobia about clowns. I once offered a birthday present to her that she almost had a heart attack over. There’s a gent that dresses like a clown and stalks the birthdayee. (It’s a great word, so stop frowning) The guy hides behind lamp posts, jumps out of dark corners, and generally makes their life miserable as they wonder where he’s going to turn up next. My daughter didn’t like that idea for some reason so letting Pennywise smile at her from across a crowded room while gently fondling a carving knife sounds like a great substitute. (Uhhmm, she doesn’t seem to like that idea either. But who cares. It amuses me.)So that’s two party goers taken care of.

My next guest would be the incredibly talented chef Hannibal Lecter. The young Hannibal is pretty yummy, but Mr. Hopkins would be a delight too. Hannibal is a man of great discernment, witty conversation and he’s remarkably intelligent. He’s dapper, well spoken and honestly, any hostess should be privileged to have him. I’d sit him next to someone I really didn’t like and watch the chemistry between them ignite. I hope nothing else develops though, like a torn out liver in a state of being flambéed and served with a nice cranberry coulis.I need a lady guest or two to balance this out.

So I say a warm welcome to Nurse Ratched, she from ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.’ Unfortunately she won’t be able to say anything back as her vocal cords were irreparably damaged when Randle McMurphy tried to choke her to death. But I’ll put a pen and notepad at the side of her table setting and she can at least have a conversation that way. She promised she would bring her little black bag of drugs with her in case any of the other guests got out of hand.

And of course no Halloween party would be complete without the loveliness of Bellatrix Lestrade, the loveable, psychotic pure bred witch and Death Eater from the Harry Potter series. Her Gothic beauty and her sadistic and violent tendencies, coupled with her narcissistic tendencies would fit in really well with the other dinner guests. She and Hannibal could trade cooking recipes perhaps, while Pennywise could nuzzle her lovely neck with his rather large teeth. Stephen would be sitting observing the character interplay for his next book, and Nurse Ratched would probably be trying to bully and intimidate all the dinner guests. I’m guessing though that this would be quite a feat to achieve…

And of course, there would be me, Hostess Extraordinaire, watching the casual interaction between my dinner guests with a fond smile and a very large gun held in my hand under the table. The weapon would be necessary in case any of the humans decided to turn on me. Of course, I’d need a couple of magic spells, an incantation or two and the Ritual of Chüd. (Google this if you’re not sure what the hell I’m on about and you’ll find out which character it can kill) I would wine and dine these guests, listen avidly to their stories, laugh at their jokes and then set them loose on an unsuspecting public. After all, it is Halloween. People expect to have the bejesus scared out of them and I think my dinner guests will do this admirably. I look forward to seeing you all at the next one on the 31st October 2014. Come along and join the fun. I think you’ll enjoy yourselves. Oh, and leave the children at home. Just in case. You know how IT loves little kiddies.
If you haven’t already been introduced to this series, may I do so now? These are diverse stories about men from all walks of life and you’re sure to find a character – or two – to fall in love with.

Book 1 – Love You Senseless is Gideon and Eddie’s story. Set in a swanky restaurant called Galileos, owned by chef Gideon Kent, when the clumsy yet adorable Eddie Tripp joins Gideon’s team, he’s lost. He wants the man, and yet, Gideon’s issues stem deep and he’s such a grump that surely no one could want him. Eddie, however, has his own ideas and he’s a man who knows what he wants. And that’s Gideon.
Book 2 – Sight and Sinners – Draven Samuels knows what grief is and in some ways, it formed his character to make him the suspicious, driven character he is. When he meets a psychic, sexy man called Taylor Abelard again, Draven is determined to give him a wide berth. However, falling in love might not have been on his dance card, but even he can see where things are headed…
Book 3 – Suit Yourself is Leslie and Oliver’s story. Set in the fashion industry, Leslie Scott meets Oliver Brown when delivering a suit for him one day. He is thrilled to discover Oliver is actually Nicky Starr, one of Leslie’s favourite porn stars, who mysteriously disappeared from the scene a few years ago. There was a reason for that; you’ll have to read the book to find out. Think Beauty and the Beast retold…*winks* Leslie’s boss, (aka Laverne Debussy-Smith) is also introduced in this book.
Book 4 – Feat of Clay – you met Draven’s boss, Clay Mortimer in Sight and Sinners. Now it’s time to tell his story. He’s been in a long term relationship with the love of life, Tate Williams. Clay doesn’t advertise his relationship with Tate; it’s secret, like the man himself. Tate was horribly traumatised in a shocking incident when he was a police detective. He’s now withdrawn, damaged and depressed. It takes all Clay’s love and patience to get his man back into the world. Check out the spin-off series, Fetish Alley, featuring Clay and Tate together solving strange mysteries
Book 5 – Cross to Bare Lenny James loves his cross-dressing daytime persona as the ebullient and flamboyant Laverne Debussy-Smith. He is a talented fashion designer and this alter ego works for him at the fashion house. At home, he relaxes and enjoys being his own man. He wears sweats and tee shirts and embraces who he is. When he meets the staid and unimaginative but undeniably gorgeous and sexy Brook Martins, he thinks he’s found his dream man. The sparks fly but unfortunately, Brook doesn’t know about Laverne and Lenny isn’t really sure how to break the news….
Book 6 – Flying Solo We meet Maxwell Lewis first in Suit Yourself. Maxwell is a high flying air steward in every sense of the word. His self-titled nickname is Solo, because ‘ he flies alone and never does the same man twice’. When he meets Gibson Henry, he gets the first inkling that there is perhaps a man he can settle down with. It puts him all out of kilter and that doesn’t make a happy Maxwell. Gibson, however, has other ideas. He likes Maxwell well enough and all the overnight non-stop sex is great but he’s not ready to commit or think about any sort of relationship. It looks like Max has met his match…
Book 7 – Damaged Goods – Jackson Grady may be blind but he knows a gorgeous man when he sees one. When Dare Rowan steals into Jax’s house to return something stolen by his younger brother, they meet and instantaneous sparks fly. It’ll take a long of nurturing and romancing from Dare to allow Jax to let his guard down and finally see how appealing he can be, despite his insecurities.
Book 8 – Hard Climate – all Ryan Bishop wants in life is a loving man in his bed, a little future security, his life as a drag queen and a chance to have a warm and loving relationship. Mango Munro kind of wants that too, but it’s hard to do when you’re travelling around saving the world from itself. As an eco-warrior, Mango’s love of Mother Earth has claims on him and Mango’s fear of commitment isn’t helping either. It’s going to take more than an act of nature to make sure they both get their happy ever after.
Book 9 – Survival Game – Kyle Tripper runs Club Delish, a nightclub sought after by nightclubbers and drag queens alike. He’s a man used to gambling on life and when he meets sexy paramedic Eric Kirby, it’s one roll of the dice he thinks may have luck in it after all. Life, however, is great at throwing curveballs and one roll of the casino wheel the wrong way leaves Ryan vulnerable and not so sure he’s going to see the game finish.
Book 10- Not So Secret Santa – Leslie Scott is a man on a mission and come hell or high water, he’s going to make the best marriage proposal a man ever had. Oliver Scott, Leslie’s intended new fiancé, is used to handling and loving Leslie, but the epic proposal Leslie stages leaves him in tears – both in laughter and in love.
Put your feet in the sand and jump into the fixer upper on Lovers Lane!
Jade is a Los Angeles real estate agent who loves everything about her life except her small and dingy apartment. She has a wonderful writer friend Livvie who always manages to bring out the best in her even on her worst days.

Jade’s life takes an interesting turn when she receives a phone call from her cousin, Olivia letting her know that her beloved aunt, Isabel passed away. Jade is now the proud new owner of the house on Lover’s Lane in Santa Cruz where she used to spend her childhood with her aunt Isabel, splashing in the ocean and reading books languidly on the front porch. Traveling to the hardware shop, Jade gets into a fender bender, bringing her face to face with her teenage crush. Will Jade find true love in the arms of Jacob, her young love interest turned sexy, confident police officer? Will she be able to restore the house on Lover’s Lane to its former glory or is it too much for even her?
Buy Now
Xanran, a dragon shifter, works for a Black Market boss. Can he trust him enough to let himself go?
A dark plot casts a shadow and Xanran needs to uncover the truth about his lover and about his own desires.

This is a prequel short story for the Trial of Submission series and you can expect steamy M/M and dominance/submission.
Buy Now

I hope you all have a fabulous Halloween and make the most of the trick or treating

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Love and Punishment Audio Book Release

Finally the Love and Punishment audiobook has arrived!! I’m sorry it took so long but we had some technical glitches on the way.


David C Dawson is the awesome narrator and let me tell you, he does a grand job of all the accents in this story. You’ll especially love Blair’s creepy serial killer voice.

Unfortunately this audiobook is not on Audible 🙁 For lots of reasons….I’ve detailed the sites I’ve found so far and the price for the book as it stands

Google Play $14.95 / Kobo $22.50 / Apple $22.50/ Scribd (Subscription only) / Chirp $19.99/ BingeBooks $19.50

Links below…/details/Love_And_Punishment……/love-and-punishment/id1583751598…/522663326/Love-And-Punishment…/love-and-punishment-by…

I certainly hope you get as much of a thrill out of this book as we did putting it together.

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My publisher Boroughs has an exciting new podcast out on June 15

Get involved and listen to a fab podcast featuring me, Sue Brown Andy Gallo and David C Dawson Join us for a listen on June 15th. Check out the full content of the podcast at the link below

These will be taking place each month and will involve audience participation so you may have your chance to appear live in audio! Feel free to contact Boroughs and let us know what you think.

#podcast #MMauthors #listeningpleasure #boroughspublishing

I have a new release out with some fellow authors!

David – M. Tasia

Dumped and depressed, David flees town to work on remodeling a lake house for the summer without telling his best friend, Jacob. But best friends don’t leave each other hanging, and Jacob’s been missing David. Uninvited, but welcome at the lake house, Jacob engineers a hat-trick of surprises that just might change both their futures.

No Bunny Like You – Susan Mac Nicol

Colin’s neighbor is so freakin’ delicious, he positions himself on his balcony to get a glimpse of Dashiell dancing in his room, his sexy body twisting and turning to the music. Which would’ve made Dash saving Colin from nearly drowning in a bunny suit mortifying in the extreme, except Dash seems to have been spying on Colin as much as he’s been checking out Dash.

Homecoming – Emily Mims

The new guy in Clay’s acting class had way more going from him than swoony singing techniques. Justin clocked Clay the minute he walked into the practice room, and knew they were going to be more than friends. Complicated family dynamics almost scuttle their plans to go to Homecoming, but both guys man up and learn whose people will stand by them no matter what.

Hold The Line – Kitty Bardot

A big defensive lineman in a town where high school football is everything, Terry is harboring a secret that’d ostracize him even more than he already is. His best friend Chris is his saving grace in all the ways that matter, and in ways Terry can’t share with anyone. But when push comes to more than a shove, Chris gives Terry the greatest gift of all.

Shake Me Down – Elle Wright

Everett’s senior year in a new school yields more than he could’ve ever expected. The nerdy genius he’s been secretly crushing on asks him out and their chemistry is so combustible, they have to slow things down or they’ll never get to know each other. And Everett wants to know Zach, inside and out, like no one else ever will.

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Writer Research ( it’s a load of fun)

All in the name of research…

I thought I’d write a bit about the research that is done when an author (well, most of us) write a book. People may think writing romance is easy. Huh. Writing isn’t that easy, let alone in a specific genre. Because behind the love scenes and the relationship story, there’s a shit ton of research that goes into my books. My characters aren’t one dimensional and have careers and lives outside of their romantic life. And to make them believable, you have to immerse yourself in their lives and find out what makes them tick.

To give you an idea of what we go through, here are some of the books I’ve written and the type of research I’ve done to make sure the story is the best one I can write.

Worth Keeping was written with the main MC’s living in a lighthouse. It made sense that I needed to see inside an actual structure so I had an idea what I was describing when I write about their lives between the round walls. I approached a charity called Trinity House who manage the UK’s lighthouses around the nation. They kindly let me go in to the Cromer Lighthouse in Norfolk with a maintenance crew (pictured) to do a tour. It was an epic experience.

Then of course for Living On Air, I lived with a circus for a while. It was a LOAD of fun and very educational. I was lucky to find that Santus Circus was willing to let me stay with them and live in one of their caravans. I had access to the ring, the performer’s area and backstage. They were extremely hospitable and I owe them a huge debt of thanks. The caravan was small, but cosy, but it had no running water and the toilet didn’t flush properly. We snuck out one night after dark, went home, slept in a proper bed, had a shower, then snuck back into the circus at the crack of dawn so no one knew we were missing….

For this story, I also purchased a cilice similar to the one Cary uses to inflict his self-harm. I wanted to find out what it felt and looked like as an implement. It’s rather painful. I still have it 😊

You can read more about this experience here

Our home for the three days! That’s hubby peeking out the door 🙂

When writing Damaged Goods, I needed to understand what it was like to be blind. So to I would blindfold myself at the dining room table, when I was writing, to get the feel of what it was like not being able to read the keys and instead have to use voice software to type out the words I wanted. It was an interesting and unsuccessful experiment. I realised the software doesn’t always recognise the words I was saying … plus the fact my family came home one time to me playing blind and talking to myself and I didn’t realise they were watching 😊

My wonderful blind friend Lynsey travelled down from the North for the weekend, to bring down the tools of her trade. Braille, a pair of glasses with the lenses blacked out apart from one small pinprick of light, which replicates her actual sight, and a white stick. She used her experience of waking up one day unable to see to cajole me about the garden wearing the glasses and made me go up and down stairs with the cane. It’s a sobering experience to lose one of the senses we are so reliant on. It gave me a good feel for Jax in the story and how he coped each day.

I’ve also gone on a day Penguin Zookeeper for a Day pass at Colchester Zoo to give me an idea of what that’s like. This was in relation to my recent release, called Rubbing One Out which is a sassy, supernatural weaving of a grumpy zoo keeper meeting a being he didn’t think truly existed. But when he does, hoo boy. Ben doesn’t know what’s hit him when Dae literally appears in his world. Dae is Leslie Tiberius Scott and Birdy Dobbs on steroids. Oh, and there are a load of mis-behaving penguins in this book

I got to feed the penguins!

This little clip should make you smile…. CUTE PENGUIN FAILS

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Book Blitz – Cameron Unscripted


Durango Street Theatre, Book 6

M/M Romance

Published: March 2021

Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group


Subtle glances, suggestive smirks, passing comments laced with innuendo…Cameron Heiser and Josh Goldstein have been quietly flirting for years. Just when the time seems right to act on their desire, Josh’s focus shifts when unexpectedly, he becomes father to his young niece and nephew.

Cam doesn’t date men with kids. Too many complications. He likes his fun to flow with the pace of his life. He comes and goes as he pleases, and getting involved with someone else’s family is more than he’s willing to take on. Even for Josh.

But the pull is too strong, and they strike a deal. What they have has to remain separate from Josh’s family life. No kids involved. What starts out as the apparent perfect solution turns into everything Cam swore he wouldn’t do. Josh’s time is not his own, and Cam is not good with waiting on the sidelines.

Miserable apart, Cam sees no way to make it work until fate’s hand pushes him in a direction he never saw possible. No one is more surprised to learn, love really does conquer all.

Other Books in the Durango Street Theatre Series:

Vivi’s Leading Man – Book One

A year after their divorce, Vivi and Miguel are forced to work together to save the Durango Street Theatre, and learn they might really love each other after all.

Maggie’s Starring Role – Book Two

Maggie has to secure grant funding to keep the Durango Street Theatre alive, but Kirby is standing in her way, and he’s too damn sexy to ignore.

Wade’s Dangerous Debut – Book Three

Star of community theater, Wade Baxter’s been living a lie for years, and to hold on to the man he loves, Wade must shed his demons and step into the light.

Jessica’s Hero – Book Four

After her bomb squad husband got blown up, Jessica vowed no more cops, especially since she’d grown up with a cop father, and knew all too well she was not meant to be waiting up all night and worrying, never mind being widowed again, and then SWAT officer Brian Howard danced his way into her life, and she had to make a choice: be happy or be safe.

Letti’s Second Act – Book Five

He’s too young, brash, and one hell of a distraction, but Letti can’t get Kevin Summerset out of her mind, and she might have to give into his pull after all.


Boroughs Publishing Group

About the Author

Author of over 25 Romance novels, Emily combined her writing career with a career in public education until leaving the classroom to write full time. The mother of two sons, she and her husband split their time between Texas and eastern Tennessee. For relaxation she plays the piano, organ, and dulcimer.

Contact Links





Promo Link

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RELEASE BLITZ In The Eye of The Storm By H.M Wolfe

MM Suspense 

SERIES ➜ Full Circle 

Fabian Bloom is happier than ever, surrounded by the affection and respect of those he holds dear and having the love of his husband Lance.  

What happens when the ghosts of his dark, distant past resurface, threatening to destroy his newfound peace? Will he able to stand up and fight, or will the whirlwind suck him in? 


Happily married with the affection and respect of those he holds dear, Fabian Bloom finally finds inner peace. However, fresh nightmares about his horrific past start to plague the man’s sleep, shadowing his newfound happiness and worrying the one he loves. A trip to his cabin in Montana offers the opportunity for the couple to relax and enjoy the solitude of the place.

After reuniting with his two sons, marrying the man he had loved for eleven years and watching his young protegees blooming into strong young men, Lance Hansen has everything he ever wished for. When his husband’s past is revealed in all its darkness and horror, the man is completely unprepared, and their world begins to crumble.

Will the two men be able to face the ghosts that threaten to destroy everything they love and fight so hard for? Or will they end up sucked into a whirlwind that will rip them apart forever? 


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Grab a Djinn and tonic…. New Release!

My new book released yesterday and I wanted to make a bit of a fuss about it. What do you think of the cover? Isn’t it delightfully sexy?

Ah, There’s The Rub

Zoologist Ben Sinclair has a thing for quirky antiques. The brass lamp he purchased was supposed to be decorative. Interesting. A conversation piece. It wasn’t supposed to contain a person. Now he’s got an annoying yet tantalizing man living with him who knows nothing about personal boundaries. Plus, Ben has wishes to make before his genie disappears. Except, Ben doesn’t want Daeliel to disappear. Lithe, exotic, and other-worldly, Ben’s never met anyone like him. It doesn’t take long for the men to admit – and act on – the attraction between them. When the zing turns into something deeper, they have to figure out how to get what they both wish for before Dae must leave.

Here’s a few excerpts from the reviews the book has got so far

Patricia – It has been quite a while since I have read (and really enjoyed) such a humorous, MM paranormal romance with a fascinating “Genie in the Lamp” theme. The plot is well-written with wonderful details & has good world building with excellent scene descriptions. The characters are endearing with their reactions to the unusual circumstances they find themselves in & have good chemistry between them.

K-Me – This was a super fun and original read! I HAD to finish it in one sitting ! It was just so Humorous, Sweet and Engaging! We have Ben the Zoologist who purchases a Lamp at an Antique shop and somehow summons a Genie. As you can image Ben and said Genie – Dae – each feel an instant connection and attraction to the other. 

Missy – Rubbing One Out was a hilarious book by Susan Mac Nicol. From the first page to the last, I laughed and fell in love. When Zoologist Ben Sinclair buys a brass lamp, he never thought a genie would come out of it. Daeliel finds himself in Ben’s world. Who knew making those three wishes was going to be so hard?