Hop Against Homophobia, Bi- and Transphobia


Yep, it’s a beautiful, big colourful button. With one helluva message. DISCRIMINATION IS BAD. There, I said it. Homophobic, biphobic, and transphobic discrimination is a very serious issue.



Let me very honest. I’m not gay, transgender, gender fluid, lesbian, homosexual or any other label society chooses to put upon people who are classed as ‘different’ from the norm (according to ‘set society’ stands at least). For who the hell we are we to define ‘normal’ ?

I am a ‘straight’ woman-(another bloody label) – who has been married to the same man for thirty years. But that doesn’t stop me getting on my soapbox and telling you I abhor any form of discrimination.

And the people for whom this post is in support of have faced this in buckets. They have battles to fight and a war to win.

One such story was recently showcased in an interview I did for Divine Magazine with Claire and Cas Potterton. Cas is a fourteen year old youth who used to be Megan. You can read the article here – Claire and Cas Potterton interview

You can also read author Diane Nelson’s post on the same subject here. Diane is watching her son transform into a daughter before her eyes.

And yes, there are victories. I know that these victories are hard won, that there has been a lot of heartache and angst in the process and that there is still oh so much work to do. Lives have been destroyed, people have destroyed themselves after being tainted with the stigma of being ‘different’. But there is wonderful and untiring work being done by so many people around the world to get their voice out there and tell people that they are simply human beings regardless of gender or sexuality.

Colour, religion, beliefs, sexuality – these are all simply facets of life that contribute to our growth as human beings. Which colour, which religion, which beliefs and which sexuality –these are all irrelevant. Instead we have a person who chooses to live their life in harmony with other people. Isn’t that what life is all about? A phrase I think that has been so overworked that it seems to have lost its meaning unless used in cliché ridden conversations and writings is Live and Let Live. But it still has value.

rainbow in the hands

rainbow in the hands

From research I’ve done, it appears that this proverb is Dutch in origin and is first recorded in Ancient Law Merchant by G. De Malynes, published in 1622. It was later included in a book of English proverbs collected by John Ray in 1678. This is what it is defined as being –

Run your own life the way you want to, and let others do the same; be tolerant of differences.

Remember the Christmas Truce of 1914? Both sides of the opposing armies laid down their arms and formed a truce to come together as a group of people just trying to beat the cold, the hunger, the death, the grief and the need to be with other human beings in peace and in harmony.  Their differences were forgotten. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could nurture this in every second of every day? If children didn’t have be taught that being different in any way isn’t a sin or an aberration or even any business of those damn busybodies and naysayers out there.

So for me being a member of this wonderful LGBTQ community we have supporting these rights means I care. I support the fight, the drive to take away the imperfections so that life can be the same for all, no matter what their sexual or gender persuasion. And I hope that qualifies me to join this amazingly feisty and passionate band of people and rejoice in their victories.

You can read more about this initiative to fight discrimination here:

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (May 17th)


If you’d like to find out more about this hop, then head down here


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Can we prevent suicide? We CAN help those in need..


An amazing group of authors have agreed to donate a portion of their May 2015 books sales to the Keith Milano Memorial Fund at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).

I’m proud to say that for the second year I’m one of these authors supporting Denise Milano Sprung and the Keith Milano Memorial Fund. It’s a very worthwhile cause and one that I believe we should all be supporting.

Author Participant Fundraiser promo


The books involved in my contributions are listed below. They are the first three books in my Men Of London series.

Love You Senseless

Sight and Sinners

Suit Yourself

You can find the listing of all the authors and the books involved by clicking on the link below



The Keith Milano Fund Banner


The Keith Milano Memorial Fund was established to help raise awareness about the devastating and deadly disease that is mental illness.  Our hope is that by having the strength to say that Keith was “Bipolar” we can strip away the stigma.

If anyone wishes to make a direct donation to the Keith Milano Memorial Fund they can do that HERE.

Our goal is to raise awareness about mental illness and to get people talking…..

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for ages 10-24; the US loses 22 Vets a day to suicide, more than they lose in combat; there is one death by suicide in the US every 13 minutes. These statistics are scary but together we can work to make a difference!

This year the event will also include an online auction and author takeover over 4 amazing days!! We hope that you will join us for not only some great auction items but to have an opportunity to speak with participating authors during an epic author take over event.

The Keith Milano Auction Event Banner


Please join us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/959416760744857/

In addition to all of these great things, thanks to the amazing design skills of author SJD Peterson, we also have custom t-shirt for sale, which part of the sales will also benefit the Keith Milano Memorial Fund.

The Keith Milano t-shirt frontThe Keith Milano t-shirt back

Personal Message from Denise Milano Sprung: When Keith passed away, I made a promise to myself that he would not go quietly nor would he be forgotten. It is with the help of all of you that 10 years later, I am able to keep this promise and most of all to be able to help others who may be suffering in silence.

Thank you does not seem like enough. So please know that from the bottom of my heart to the depths of my soul, every one-click of these books helps others and continues to reduce the stigma that is associated with mental illness. THANK YOU for all you do and for spreading the word and for opening your hearts to help others.

The Keith Milano Fund Button


Fund information:

Keith Milano Memorial Fund

140 Adams Ave Suite B-12

Hauppauge NY 11788




direct donation http://bit.ly/MilanoFund


The Keith Milano Memorial Fund benefits the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).  http://www.afsp.org/

Donations at the end of the May Mental Awareness Event will be made by the authors directly to The Keith Milano Memorial Fund at AFSP. Keith’s fund is a self-directed memorial fund. 100% of the money is spent on programs and research programs selected by the Milano / Sprung family

For examples of programs:  http://www.keithmilano.org/#info

AFSP is the only national not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research and education, and to reaching out to people with mood disorders and those affected by suicide.

AFSP is a fully accredited 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization incorporated in the state of Delaware with primary offices in New York City. Federal tax ID # is 13-3393329. AFSP’s Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) number is 10545.

All donations to AFSP are tax deductible.

Direct Link: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/8032cec7348/?

The Keith Milano Fund_I Support Mental Health Awareness Button



Freaking Piracy gets me hot under the collar







I’m about to rant a bit so forgive me. Something came to light recently which made my temper flare and it takes a lot to do that. However, I will note something that is quite true:



What, you may ask, has caused mild mannered me to erupt like the Fountain of Doom and throw swearwords and profanities about like confetti? Pirates, that’s what. Not the ‘Arghh, me ‘earties’ kind, ‘cos I rather like them, but rather the low life, back stabbing, waste of a human skin, cowardly, pathetic  individuals who think they have a right to take an author’s blood, sweat and tears and give it away for free.

Recently Ena Burnette posted something on her Facebook page about a blogger, entrusted with the pre-sales copies of various authors books, who then proceeded to load them on his/her site and give them away as free downloads. This is the gist of that conversation.



It took a while but finally the blogger became known to some, me included. I’m looking into things before naming and shaming anyone as I think it’s important to have all the facts first. Once I find out 100% I’ll have no compunction doing just that- telling everyone about this person.

Now this sort of thing has all sorts of ramifications for bloggers, readers, publishers and authors alike. None of them are very positive.

The facts

Authors rely on beta readers, pre-release readers and bloggers and reviewers to spread the word for their work, sometimes pre-release. They do this by generously providing free copies of their books in the formats needed, with the provision that they are kept under wraps and not offered out for sale or download anywhere other than where the author and publisher chooses to put them. There is no contract drawn up. There is no legal binding agreement. It’s done on trust and to build the relationships between all the parties.

Authors spend months and years creating a work that while we hope it delights and enthuses our fans, we also hope to earn money out of. I have a full time day job I need to keep because my book sales don’t make enough for me to give up work and become a full time writer. I’m one of thousands in this boat. So for me, taking my work and offering it for free when it isn’t even yours to give away, is a great sin. It’s a cardinal sin and one that I cannot condone.

What being a dishonest reader/blogger/reviewer means to the genre and the industry (my WCS- Worst Case Scenario)

  • Remember the Circle Of Trust from the film with Robert de Niro and Ben Stiller – Meet The Fockers? Meet the f**kers who break it.
  • Breaking that trust could mean this:
    • Authors may be loath to give away copies of their books to anyone who hasn’t signed in blood and given them their first born to hold as ransom.
    • Publishers may be loath to allow authors to release titles in free books because they lose too much control. Piracy is growing and becoming a universal truth. If someone can get something for free, they will. A lot of my time is spent tracking down piracy sites and getting Cease and Desist orders for them
    • Those bona fide trusted readers who perform the invaluable service of reading and reviewing, ready for launch date- they will lose out because of this.
    • The bona fide bloggers and review sites who rely on authors to give them free books to maintain the content on their site –as we all know Content is King– will suffer. They might have to enter into legal agreements just to read a book. Something that should be a pleasure has turned into pain.
    • Suspicion will reign supreme and it could become a witch hunt, like we all know these things can become. We’ve seen enough of it lately.
    • Innocent people’s reputations may suffer as they become inadvertently tarnished.
    • Authors lose money !! Fact. We may love what we do and it might be a passion but it’s nice to be able to make a living out of it so we can write more books for you to enjoy.
    • Publishers lose money. And they can only allow it to continue for so long, especially if it is a small press business.
    • Bottom line – all the damn fun is sucked out of the pleasure writers have writing and bloggers have blogging and readers have reading.

I am therefore sending this dishonest blogger this virtual curse, in the hope it reaches them in some way, shape or form. Warning- DON’T mess with the wrong people. I’m not too worried about the Power of Three on this one. I’ll take it if it comes back and hits me in the backside. It will be worth it.

 Maroul paseter, maroul presa, maroul futura, Vi porynya, catoute ley corupsa, Ven thomi, mil zaira dur morde, Ai Kaquima d’Roiz.”

May their car break down, their face erupt in warts and boils, may they lose their job, have seven years of bad luck and get haemorrhoids. Huge ones. And look like this…




And here endeth the rant.  Publishers and authors really need a better way of dealing with piracy and dishonest people like this. Something more robust needs to happen to protect our intellectual property ; somewhere where we can share and be kept informed of incidents like this, as a writing community. I don’t believe enough is being done and if it is, then we don’t seem to know about it.

This is a great paragraph by an author called Melissa E. Petreshock whose book, Fire of Stars and Dragons was downloaded illegally over 25000 times. Yep. 25k. Imagine what you could have done with that money had you received it.

Know your limits. US Copyright laws, cease and desist letters, careful monitoring, and all the actions you take can only get you so far. *big fat sad face*Not all sites make it easy or even possible for the average author (or publisher) to find their source or any means to email a letter demanding they stop providing these illegal copies of your books. (Read that as “STEALING FROM YOU.”)You can (and should) tweet and Facebook, blog and Tumblr, and any other means of shouting from the internet rooftops, (I highly encourage this behavior.) letting readers know that the illegal downloading of eBooks is wrong. It hurts authors. It hurts publishers. It hurts the industry.


This group is one I belong to and which you can join to leave links and details of the pirates.


Here are some recent article links on the subject.







Suit Yourself Cover Reveal


The third book in the Men Of London series is here….and it’s pretty steamy.

You can watch the book trailer here




Scarred both physically and emotionally after a motorcycle accident, twenty-five year old ex fashion model and porn star Oliver Brown is about to be stripped bare by flamboyant twink Leslie Scott—and they’ll rebuild love from the bottom up.


Twenty-five year old Oliver Brown is addicted. Two years ago, he was at the height of his career as “Nicky Starr,” fashion model, porn actor, partier without peer. Then came the accident. Hiding his scars, both emotional and physical, he’s gone into hiding. But fine clothing is some solace. A new suit by Debussy? Better even than a ride on his motorcycle Hulk or all the things he used to give and take on camera.

Enter Leslie Scott, the flamboyant, dark-haired, heel-and-tiny-short-wearing twink sent to deliver Oliver’s newest fix. A firecracker, Leslie is dapper, generous, in touch with his feminine side but all man, and as gorgeous as any garment ever made. He makes Oliver dream of ending his reclusion, of recapturing a future forever denied him. But for that to happen, Leslie would have to strip him to the bone. Only then will they rebuild life from the bottom up.

Want to find out more about the book and the characters?

Head down to www.nickystarr.co.uk  to visit his website and have a truly visual sexperience. Meet Nicky in all his glory and see what he has to say about the porn industry, love, and life in general. This is a website intended for over eighteens only and if you are easily offended, we suggest you stay away…






Excerpt- Suit Yourself
“Fuck, you look so hot,” Oliver said as he leapt onto the bed and straddled Leslie’s calves. “You have the perfect arse, you know that? Tight and just waiting for me.”
Leslie shivered, those words causing goose bumps to form on his over sensitive skin. “It could be the heel-wearing,” he mused. “I like to exercise my butt muscles when I wear them and dance. They say it’s a good way to tone up.” A hot body covered his and he closed his eyes in bliss.
“You wear heels?” Oliver’s tongue licked at his ear. “That is fucking sexy. I love that image.” His voice was husky, full of desire. “Will you wear them for me one day? Let me fuck you in them?”
Leslie’s heart filled with joy. He had a picture of himself on his phone in a corset, hat and heels. He’d have to show it to Oliver one day and get his engine even more revved up.
“Oh, God yes,” he exclaimed as Oliver’s tongue trailed down his shoulder blades and back. He gripped the bed sheets tighter at the sensation. “I have this pair of red ones you’ll like, and…oh, hell yes…” His voice tailed off in pure pleasure as Oliver parted his arse cheeks and lapped at his hole. Then the bliss of having fingers inside him, opening him wide, rendered him speechless. He gyrated and made little mewling kitten noises as Oliver proceeded to probe his hole, pushing his tongue inside him with wet, sloppy sounds that made Leslie’s cock throb.
He lost himself in the feeling of being explored, dominated and well and truly prepped. When he felt the cool dribble of lube at his hole and between his cheeks he sighed in relief and pushed his backside toward the man currently taking him to such pleasurable heights. When his hips were pulled up and Oliver’s cock nudged his entrance, Leslie pushed back and groaned as it sank deep inside him.


SY Fiona


Pre-order/Buy Links

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia

Amazon France

Amazon Italy

Writing Gay Romance


You know, I have to tell you something. It’s not easy being a writer of gay Romance fiction.  No Siree Bob, it’s really not.  I mean, for research purposes, I have to watch a lot of video footage involving gorgeous, sexy men ‘getting it on’. In many different ways. I mean, the horror, right? Next, I have to actively look on the internet for even more pictures of hot guys kissing, in various stages of undress and doing nasty things to each other so I can post them on social networks and make other people happy. Oh Lord, the pain… it hurts being a nice person. I may need to see a doctor about it.



I have to read books that give me a fluttering in the nether regions and make my insides all squishy. And books that make me cry and sob, and play havoc with my emotions. I have to subject myself to Andrew Christian videos, for heaven’s sake!! Oh , the shame…


And watch sad things like Hozier’s ‘Take me To Church’.

Oh, and watch the brilliantly talented and incredibly expressive Sergei Polunin performing in a way that brings tears to my eyes, he’s such a beautifully emotional dancer.


I drool over all the enticing pictures, which makes my chin wet and it chafes. So I have to put cream on it. Okay, well perhaps that’s an exaggeration. I do drool sometimes though. I also tear my clothing and weep to the skies when I see these pictures, or attend events where gorgeous cover model guys are in attendance, asking ‘Why? Why do you subject me to this now when I’m too damn old and over the hill to do anything about it? (I could be a cougar but I need cash to keep ‘em. And I don’t have the money to make them stay.)

And my poor family. They suffer with me.  The picture is probably also fairly true of today’s families…



This is a typical dinner table conversation in my house.

Me:  I got sent another dick picture today. *chews food*

Daughter : *rolls eyes* Who was it this time?

Me :*shrugging* No idea. Some random guy who thinks he’s God’s gift to women and of course, I’m a romance writer so I must be dirrrty…and I need to see his erect penis in all its glory.

Husband: *silently chews food while rolling eyes*

Son: Mom, you should block these perverts.

Me:*indignantly* but it was quite a nice dick…and anyway I’m not friends with these people, they just find me somehow.

Husband :*spluttering as he coughs food out of his mouth* Oh yes, because you’re ‘hidden away’, a mystery. You get about all over the bloody place like a tart!

*Realises what he’s just said and why everyone is smirking.* Sighs and rolls eyes again.

Me  : As he’s sent it to me, maybe I should use it for the porn site I’m building. *waits for the reaction as I sip my Coke*

General mayhem as food is spat all over the table.

Husband and son:  *together* What?

Me: *nodding airily* The site I’m building for the new book release. You know- Leslie’s book?

Husband: *disbelieving* Actual porn site with, like, you know… *waves hands*

Me: *nodding* Men screwing each other, yep. (I don’t use the F word at the dinner table or indeed, in public. I only use that word when I’m on my own, writing or driving. I’ve found since writing these stories, my language has become quite atrocious as a result. I never used to swear. This is a deep dark secret of mine that I’ve just told you…shhhh)

Daughter: I know about it. Mom asked me to film some of the scenes for the video footage. *smiles wickedly* *her cat among the pigeons move is complete*

Husband: You asked Ashley to film guys doing things? Our daughter is shooting porn?

Son *jaw still dropping*

Me: *frowning* Not actual sex scenes, sweetie. Just the nude shots. *pouts* But D, the actual guy I had earmarked for the part of Nicky Starr had to pull out because he had other commitments. So we’re just relying on stock photos that we can Photoshop. *sighs heavily* I had such expectations of those shots when D was doing it for me. He’s absolutely bloody yummy.

Me: *Turning to daughter.* Oh and that programme you recommended to clip out the good bits from the porn videos? It doesn’t work that well. I need another idea.

Mayhem ensues……needless to say dinner goes cold and I end up doing a LOT of explaining.

Everyone retires muttering to the lounge leaving me alone with my new video clipping tool and ready to rock and roll….

I mean, we’ve had other conversations around the dinner table that don’t involve my writing. Like talking about funerals and how to turn my mum into a diamond when she dies so we can make her into a ring. My mum wasn’t enamoured with that idea. Or how I want my funeral to be conducted – I want a Viking funeral (where do you think Taylor in Sight and Sinners got the idea?)Just stick my dead body on a wooden boat, set me alight and float me on the Thames…



Or the conversation about alien battles above our house. My son is an avid alien freakazoid and swears he saw a shootout in the sky the other night. He’s in a bromance with Brian Cox and all things science and the son is pretty clever when it comes to physics and stuff that’s totally beyond me. Jason trying to explain the concept of time travel, paradoxes, worm holes and stuff like that to me is something really funny to watch. My eyes glaze over and I actually just zone out. I’m not fond of time travelling scenarios, finding them hard to get my head around how the man who just died could be his own father and brother in another time, (but didn’t he just DIE?)and simultaneously exist with his second cousin and his son, who, yes you guessed it, are the same person…it freaks me out.

Gratuitous Space Battles 2 preview


Anyway I digress. Back to Romance writing. Actually, maybe not. I’ve said enough and probably bored you to death by now.

All I can say is, keep writing, keep reading; keep enjoying yourself and maybe one day in a future life? You may come back as a Romance writer too :)




Sarah Madison puts it so eloquently, so my friend, I hope you don’t mind that I copied this bit from your wonderful blog post :) I’m currently in London at the British Book Fair and not near my PC.

Authors Kate Aaron and AJ Rose have teamed up with reader/writer/blogger Meredith King at DiverseReader to host a very special giveaway. They’ve invited over 200 LGBTQ authors to donate books to a massive Rafflecopter giveaway at DiverseReader starting Saturday April 18th at 9 am EST and running through 11:59 pm EST on May 1st. I’ll be joining this list, and offering an e-copy (reader’s choice) of one of my stories. Readers will have a chance to win an ebook if they donate $5 to a deserving LGBT charity or share a charity donation link.

Take a look at the details on the link below…. all help is appreciated. Thank you.


Andrew Q. Gordon – The Eye and The Arm – Blog Tour



TEATA schedule Banner

I’m as pleased as punch to welcome Andy back to my blog again. It hasn’t been all that long since he visited me before but he’s always a very welcome visitor. I am thrilled to see he has a new release, which came out on the 14th April, and I’m holding thumbs, fingers and toes that it will do very well for him. He deserves it.

Andy has a wonderful give-away going on and below you can see the hauntingly beautiful cover and read all about the second book in his Champion of the Gods series. I hosted Andy when he had the blog tour for his first book, The Last Grand Master.

So now we have the intriguingly titled, ‘The Eye and The Arm’ with its simply stunning cover





Title: The Eye And The Arm

Series: Champion of the Gods #2

Author: Andrew Q. Gordon

Length: 99,775 words/296 Pages

Release Date: April 14, 2015

Blurb: Champion of the Gods: Book Two

After defeating Meglar at Belsport, Farrell returns to Haven to recover from his injuries, but Khron, the god of war, has other ideas. He gives Farrell a new mission: free the survivors of the ancient dwarf realm of Trellham from their three-thousand-year banishment. To fulfill Khron’s near impossible task, Farrell will need the help of his distance ancestor, the legendary wizard Kel. But Kel has been dead for a thousand years.

Farrell finds information hinting that Kel is alive, so he moves his search to Dumbarten, Kel’s birthplace. To reach Dumbarten unannounced, Farrell and Miceral disguise themselves as mercenaries on board a merchant vessel. Their journey is disrupted when pirates attack their ship. While attempting to subdue the attack, Farrell is struck down by one of Meglar’s minions.

Unconscious and trapped in his own mind, Farrell’s only chance for survival rests with Miceral and the peregrine king Rothdin entering his thoughts and helping him sort fact from illusion. To reach Farrell, they will need to rely on an untested spell from one of Kel’s spellbooks. If they succeed, Miceral can guide Farrell home safely. If not, Farrell will destroy not only himself, but Miceral, Rothdin, and everyone around him.


Farrell pointed toward a set of massive doors, held shut by several slabs of stone, each wider than a man was tall. Hallways similar to the one they used radiated around each side of the entrance. “Come on, what we really came to see is this way.”

Farrell led them to a wide avenue directly opposite the doors. Flanked by ten-foot statues of heavily armed dwarves, the portal felt anything but welcoming.

“This place is amazing.” Miceral touched the cool stone almost reverently. “My people lived in Northhelm almost three millennia, and we never achieved anything close to this.”

“This?” Farrell’s amusement leeched into his voice. “You haven’t begun to scratch the surface of amazing.”

Their steps echoed around them as they passed dozens of stone sentries carved with such detail, Farrell expected them to leap off their perches and challenge his admittance. The air felt cooler moments before the tunnel opened on all sides. Their path ended a couple of steps beyond the tunnel, leaving them looking down on an open space. Stairs leading up and down stood empty on both sides. The small globe created tiny twinkles as it flickered over Farrell’s shoulder, but otherwise failed to illuminate more than a few feet beyond the pair.

“Give me your hand. It’s easier to fly than walk from here.”

Miceral’s warm hand touched his, and he laced their fingers together. Slowly, Farrell pulled them off the platform and into the emptiness below. They passed a column as wide as their bedroom, drawing a whistle from Miceral.

“Let me light our way a bit better.” Feeding his globe more energy, he sent the rapidly expanding ball higher. Beyond his sphere, a dim point of light appeared, getting brighter as the globe approached. A heartbeat later, an enormous flash blinded the pair.

Farrell felt Miceral’s hand nearly crush his before the pressure eased back. “Honorus’s balls, Farrell, you could have warned me.”

“Sorry. It’s been a while and I forgot how bright the flash is.”

“What just happened?”

Farrell smiled and swept his arm around the now lit cavern. Visible below, a city larger than Belsport sat in eerie silence. Wide boulevards ran straight and true north/south and east/west, creating perfect grids filled with low stone buildings. A hundred feet above the floor, an empty balcony ringed the entire cavern. Rows of windows stretched skyward, reaching at least a third of the way to the ceiling.

Across from them, at the far end of the city, a wide swath of ground sat empty and unused. Above this open space, temples to the gods stood lonely watch over the abandoned city.

“How’s this for amazing?” Farrell asked.

The smile Miceral flashed him said more than words. “Beyond anything I’ve ever imagined. I can’t believe you kept this from me this long.”

“Hey”—he moved the pair westward toward the temples—“I need to keep a few surprises or else you’ll tire of me before long.”

Leaning over, he kissed Farrell’s cheek. “Never happen.”

Fumbling for a comeback, Farrell pointed up. “To answer your earlier question about the light, there’s an incredible crystal in the roof of this chamber. It is massive, easily bigger than our entire suite. The crystal collects and stores light, then amplifies it before releasing it slowly. My little ball of light will fuel the crystal for weeks if I don’t turn it off.”


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April 14: Man2ManTastic || The Purple Rose Tea House

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April 17: Author Susan Mac Nicol

April 20: Divine Magazine || Gay.Guy.Reading and Friends

April 21: Love Bytes Reviews || Elisa – My Reviews and Ramblings

April 22: Nic Starr || Diverse Reader

April 23: Prism Book Alliance || Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents

April 24: BFD Book Blog || MM Good Book Reviews



Andrew Q. Gordon wrote his first story back when yellow legal pads, ball point pens were common and a Smith Corona correctable typewriter was considered high tech. Adapting with technology, he now takes his MacBook somewhere quiet when he wants to write.

He currently lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his partner of eighteen years, their young daughter and dog.  In addition to dodging some very self-important D.C. ‘insiders’, Andrew uses his commute to catch up on his reading. When not working or writing, he enjoys soccer, high fantasy, baseball and seeing how much coffee he can drink in a day and not get the shakes.

Follow Andrew:

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Or just email him


FIVE Winners will win one e-copy of ANY book* each from DSP Publication’s backlist.

*Giveaway is of any currently released DSPP book, which excludes the books that are on pre-order and “The Eye And The Arm”.

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The Fiverr Report on Melissa Foster – Fake Reviews, Fake Awards, Fake Everything



As an author I can’t condone this sort of thing. Either a reader likes reading my books, and buys another one, and hopefully leaves a review, good or bad, or they don’t. I’ll always be poor because I’m honest and trying to make my living as an author on the strength of my writing talent and marketing skills alone. I have a readership and I love each and every one of them. That’s enough for me. Bread and water ? I’ll eat and drink that rather than make thousands unethically :)

Originally posted on Amazon Alert: Your Guide to Unethical Authors:

From five-report.blogger.com Which is worse, a desperate self-published author named Melissa Foster buying reviews “as fast as you can provide them” or a professionally published author named JA Konrath trying to buy 10000-packs of ratings? Because while I worked undercover, I saw it all.

My job was to facilitate. Connect those wanting reviews with those writing reviews. As a former marketing executive, I was a natural for the role, as I facilitated I recorded every dirty detail for Zon Alert.

One of the worst offenders was Melissa Foster who purchased over 250 reviews, as determined by reviews received from for-pay review writers. But that alone doesn’t make Melissa Foster one of the worst. What made her the worst is that her 250 review purchases were only the beginning as many of Fiverr’s paid reviewers also worked for other paid review companies.

By connecting the other Melissa Foster reviews these reviewers…

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Attention all LGBTQ authors out there….



It sickens me that a pizza place that discriminates against gay couples can actually have money raised for it the way it has. Really ? I understand people have choices but when it comes to actively discriminating against a certain part of the human race, I have a teensy bit of an issue, right or wrong. Call me human. That’s probably not very PC but then that’s something I – am – not

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Anyway some of us have decided to fight back and join fellow authors in trying to reverse the trend.This is something that’s happening at the moment….via Kate Aaron and others. There’s no pressure but I thought I’d bring it to every LGBTQ authors attention as in this they do have a choice – to participate or not, completely as they wish.

Beep Beep-message begins

In the wake of the passing of the Indiana Religious Freedom and Restoration Act, a fundraiser set up to support a family who think it’s their “right” to refuse service to LGBT customers has raised almost $1 million.
Unfortunately, a pro-LGBT counter-fundraiser hasn’t got nearly the same traction. It’s one thing to tweet our outrage, or share a link on Facebook to an article. It’s another matter entirely to put our money where our mouths are.
Some of us are gathering up all the authors we know who write about love in whatever form it takes to take a stand as a collective community. Together we can reach hundreds if not thousands of readers, and we’d like to offer them the chance to win an ebook if they donate $5 to a deserving LGBT charity or share charity links across their social networks.

can you help


Can you spare a copy of an ebook (reader’s choice works best, but we know some authors have publisher restrictions) for a worthy winner as incentive for them to donate? We need to hear back by Saturday, April 11th, for a blog post going up on 18th April at


announcing the giveaway and the reason behind the fundraiser.
The day of the post, all we ask is that you share the link on your various social media to alert your fans of the opportunity, and when the deadline for the giveaway passes, we’ll email you the name of your winner and their email so you can contact them about their prize. It’s easy, hosted in one place for readers to follow and enter, and will show that we mean business.


LGBT people aren’t going anywhere, and our allies have loud voices. Let’s use them.

Beep Beep- message ends.

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